Sutikalh - It takes a whole 
community to stop a ski resort


Melvin Creek - Road Map to campThe Best Way to Support Our Camp:

  • Bring any food donations (rice, pasta, vegetables etc.) and/or supplies (AA, C and D batteries, candles, tarps, toilet paper etc.) directly to camp. Cash donations are also welcome.
  • Spread the word and stay informed.
  • Visit camp, consider doing a 'Tour of Duty' at Sutikalh.
  • IF YOU ARE IN THE VANCOUVER AREA AND HAVE SUPPLIES TO GO TO CAMP - CONTACT - there are people making regular visits up there who can take donations.

Directions to Sutikalh:

* Camp is located off Hwy. 99, half-way between Mt. Currie and Lillooet.

* Look for old logging road bridge over Cayoosh Creek. There is a banner in trees approximately 100 m. north of bridge.

* Cross bridge and camp is down logging road on right, 100 m.

Updates from camp

More Information:


This page was put together by the Resist! Collective to support the work of those defending Melvin Creek. Text and artwork on this site comes from camp occupants and involved supporters. For further information, please contact Rosalin Sam at